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Euroglide route changed for High and Low Turbo classes.

, issued 19 June 19:06
To all teams, All classes will fly the same route. The route via Dahlemer Binz will NOT be used because of the weather forecast for the upcoming days. The High and Low Turbo classes will now use the same route as the other two classes. All classes will use the route: Venlo, Borkenberge, Plock, Krosno, Borkenberge, Venlo Best regards, Contest officials.

Opening of the race

, issued 20 June 13:21
The race will be fully open for all classes tomorrow morning (21/06/16) at 11:00LT. Aero tow available on Venlo. Briefing tomorrow @ 10:00. Box after briefing. Grid in Venlo according to handicap (published before 21/06 8:00).


, issued 28 June 20:54
Hello Caution for the glider teams , Watch NOTAM .after this evening is for this week in Roitzschjora the landing not possible ( rock concert) Good look for all TeamĀ“s. Claude Schramm (Towing pilot)View todays notifications only
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