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, issued 19 June 08:42
Sunday June 19, 18:00hrs Mandatory Briefing for all teams at Venlo airfield

, issued 20 June 11:05
Goodmorning all. On Venlo airfield all the gliders are griding at the moment. We expect first take-off at 12:00 hrs. Here we will publish when Competition opens per class.

, issued 20 June 11:20
@team ZVC. Terlet should be added now: EHTL. Pls confirm

, issued 20 June 12:10
Class Gilders: Competition is OPEN

@team ZVC:

, issued 20 June 12:37
the D-Base sync is not live and needs to be retriggerd (this can be done later today). Please use Deelen, as this is the closest airfield to Terlet. No worries, as this location is not used for scoring etc. Just as an indication about "where is everybody".

, issued 20 June 12:46
Class Self Launchers: Competition is OPEN

, issued 20 June 13:31
Class Turbo: Competition is OPEN

Enroute frequency

, issued 20 June 23:05
Today there was a request for an enroute frequency. We suggest channel 122.555. This is an official air to air channel in whole Germany. Give it a try. If it is too busy, we look for another.

Latest location of the teams

, issued 21 June 11:36
At this moment we cannot show the latest position of all the teams on the map. But for the time being you can check individual positions via:

Follow the teams live

, issued 21 June 12:11
Use this link: If you do not see teams, then zoom a little bit in!!

Positions on the map

, issued 21 June 20:36
It seems to be working again. Just to be sure. Insert your location manually in the Upload-page. Do not use the mobile shout site for this.


, issued 24 June 17:45
D-R Elmau is active from 25.06.2022 12:00 hrs UTC until 28.06.2022 22:00 hrs UTC. Avoid this area on the leg from Huetten to Klatovy.

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