Edition 1994  

Euroglide 1994: June 24 - July 3

In 1994 we were not able to find a sponsor. Since then the race is called Euroglide. The task, however, was the same as the year before: an out and return to Nogaro, in the south of France.

This year, the weather was not to good. We managed to launch the gliders from Eindhoven and a couple of days later we had a few teams on the turnpoint. But, as the warm moist air from the Mediteranian sea mixed with the cool air from the Atlantic ocean, the weather conditions in the south of France deteriorated. The teams on the turnpoint could not come back; the other teams could not reach the turnpoint, so everybody was pinned down for a few days.
Euroglide 1994 poster
Results Class handicap 100 - 112
# Team Glider type Reg Km Finish time
1 Heesakkers / Heesakkers / Margry / Teunissen Janus C WE 982
2 Van der Meijden / Oorthuijs Mini Nimbus NB 770
3 De Beukelaar / Van Gastel Cirrus LP 722
4 Van Stratum DG 300 DM 486
5 De Wijs DG 500W 520 360
6 De Kort / Van Bree / Jonkers / Poortman Twin II BG 287

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Results Class handicap > 112
# Team Glider type Reg Km Finish time
1 Paré Ventus CM NL 1567
2 Dolfin Ventus CT SW 1424
3 Teunisse ASW 20 ET 829
4 Urselmann DG 800 BE 795
5 Van der Linden Ls 6c TT 484
- Kurstjens / Nädler Nimbus 3DT LT - Equipment failure
- Stavast / De Cock ASH 25E QX - Rules violation
- Kuijper Ventus CM BJ - Quit the race
- Dercksen Ls 6 WW - Quit the race

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