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Summary report
28 gliders took off from Eindhoven Airport on June 24 and were expected to return within the 13 days of competition. The first 4 days, the weather was superb and the first teams already completed the trip!. In the second week a consistent train of cloud and rain-areas from the west pinned down 5 teams. 23 teams managed to finish on Venlo.

Looking for the position-reports? Check the EAC-intranet pages with the famous animation (based on interpolation of the position-reports).

About 23 teams attended the prize giving on 5 october 2002 at the clubhouse of the Eindoven Aero Club. Many participants were accompanied by their partners. The results of the inquiry were presented and of each day, flight-animations were shown using the log-files.

Prizes were presented not only to the winners, but also to two very unlucky teams that showed perseverance to overcome their problems. YZ because of his unfortunate outlanding after 29,7 km (see his story) and the DX for their way of coping with equipment failure.
M1 near Ulm, on its way to a 6 m/s lift. Click to enlarge. Many of the Euroglide participants must have seen these cooling-towers near Ulm.
M1 approached them on the third Euroglide day. They found a lift of 6 m/s!
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Euroglide 2002 started at Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands). So as to avoid large parts of Belgium, the first turningpoint was the airport Dahlemer Binz (Germany) in the Eiffel. Through the Belgian Ardennes and the planes of North-East France the route took the participating teams to the airport of Romorantin (France).

Back to the North-East, the next turning-point was Lachen-Speyerdorf (Germany), a friendly glider field, near the French-German border. This turningpoint has been inserted in order to avoid the direct crossing of the Black Forest in Germany and the Basel-Strassbourg control-area.
Then the itinerary turned South, to the well known glider-field Klippeneck (Germany), and leaving the Black Forest West of track. The next leg to the airfield Cham Janahof (Germany) followed the "rennstrecke" along the Swabische Alp, just North of the Donau.

Thereafter the route brought the competitors along the Thuringer Wald to the airfield Oerlinghausen. Finally, the leg to the gliderfield Venlo (50 km east of Eindhoven) virtually closed the itinerary.

The total distance was 2211 km.
Euroglide 2002 itinerary

Euroglide 2002 sticker
Briefing Euroglide 2002: Jacques Kolpa introducing his team.
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Results 2002 - Gliders
# Team Glider type Reg Cntry Club Finish/Km
1 Martin Smit Ls 8 SM NL EACzc        28-6   16:15
2 Ronald Kaay / Antoon Kerkhofs /
Gerard Jonkers / Marc van der Putte
Duo Discus EH NL EACzc 29-6   18:08
2 Michel van Abel / Anton Poortman Ls 6c 15m XX NL EACzc 29-6   18:08
4 Lodewijk de Beukelaar / Hans Wisselink / Fred van Breemen /
Marc van Breemen
DG 500 22m C4 NL WBAC 29-6   21:00
5 Winfried Küter ASW 19 YZ D LSVIE 29-6   22:30
6 Han Teunissen / Flip Damen /
Ton de Kort / Huub Margry
Duo Discus MCC NL EACzc 30-6   14:30
7 Chris van der Meulen /
Joeri Bierings
Discus 2 D2 NL EACzc 30-6   17:00
8 M Ruhe / Edo Kwant Ventus Y7 NL GeZC 30-6   18:30
9 Julian Fack / Richard Hinley /
Paul Garnham / Nick Heriz-Smith
Duo Discus 494 UK MGC 02-7   17:00
10 Sjaak Seelen / Arjan van Dijk /
Rob Laumans / Rob Vroegop
DG 505 Orion VA NL VZC 04-7   17:11
11 Frits Urselmann / Mike Curvers Ls 6c 17,5m VB NL VZC 04-7   17:17
12 Diana King / Phil King Ls 8 18m 618 UK HGC 2212 km
12 Hugo Drijver / Wim Hogenkamp Grob Twin AZ NL VCT 2212 km
12 Jan-Paul Beeke / Mark Justus /
John de Kanter / Jeroen Beeke
Duo Discus M1 NL ACvZ 2212 km
15 Jac. van Stratum DG 300 DM NL EACzc 2199 km
16 Marco Donders / Henno Gemmink Ls 3 YB NL DSA 2139 km
Results 2002 - Motorgliders
# Team Glider type Reg Cntry Club Finish/Km
1 Pamela Kurstjens Nimbus 4T PM AUS Johndarian 27-6   20:22
1 Gerrit Kurstjens Nimbus 4T VW AUS Johndarian 27-6   20:22
3 Max Dolfin DG 800 MD NL GeZC 28-6   12:33
4 Robert Werts / Mathilde van Lieshout Nimbus 3 DT LT NL VZC 29-6   21:45
5 Daan Paré Ventus 2 CM NL NL ACvZ 30-6   14:41
6 Jacques Kolpa DG 800B MA NL SZT 30-6   15:38
7 Bert Otten / Kirsten Schugard /
Elbert Westerhout
Janus CM XB NL DSA 30-6   17:08
8 Geert van Duyse / Dirk Hamerlynck /
Guido van den Broeck /
Ernst van Koert
Janus CM HI B EZAC 04-7   17:22
9 Leon Mol Ventus 2 CM YA NL ELZC 2212 km
10 Sjack Verspay / Louis Custers /
Reinoud van der Reyden
Janus CM DP NL EACzc / DSA 2048 km
11 Reitze van der Linde / Dirk Wolff
Bas Krebbers
Duo Discus DX NL GeZC 1998 km
12 Peter Teunisse DG 800A ET SW SFS Hausen 1894 km
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