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Let's do it again!

... and we did even better.
Edition 2010 breaks all records.
Yes, we did it again!
Bad weather almost prevented teams from flying to Eindhoven on engine power on the Sunday before Euroglide 2010. Two main weather models had contradictory long term forecasts. One forecasting low pressure and associated bad weather in the eastern part of Germany. The other model showed high pressure building up west of France and extending to the east over Germany. Nevertheless, it was decided to go to the east first, we had no choice.
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ZZ, LL and IN1 on Guentersrode. (Day 2, Photo IN1)

Then everything fell into the right place. Blue sky in the morning, evolving in good weather conditions in the afternoon allowed all teams to leave the Netherlands on Monday, June 21st, the first day of Euroglide 2010. No team needed a second launch on Eindhoven. In Germany, overdeveloping clouds slowed down progress on Monday and Tuesday, especially near the Harz, but did not prevent many teams to round Bronkow and continue to the regions of Bayreuth and Nurnberg.
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E12 explores the Black Forest

Wednesday was superb. Flights exceeding 600 km from Nurnberg, via the Schwarzwald and then through Switzerland into France were made. The group that was "stuck" near the Harz on the first leg on Tuesday also made very good progress. The leading teams ended up on Bailleau (140 km to Falaise) and one team even rounded Falaise, ready for the final jump to Axel.

Good gliding conditions remained in France, although not always perfect, but you'd sign for it in advance! On day 4, Thursday 24th, motorgliders UFO and IN1 and turbo ZZ finished on Axel, matching the Pamela and Gerrit Kurstjens "4 day" record of edition 2002.
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E12 Sunset in France

The next day 16 teams arrived, including the first gliders, EH and XX. The second group of 20 teams finished the day after on Saturday, followed by 10 teams on Sunday June 27th. So after 7 days, 49 out of 56 teams were home, an astonishing 84%.

Then high pressure stabilisation kicked in for the remaining 7 teams. High temperatures, (weak) dry conditions and sometimes thunderstorms were reported. Between 28 June and 2 July, 4 teams made it to Axel.

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XLT in the Jura (Day 4)

Three teams left the race, of which two reported equipment failure (car or glider). As a result, there were no Euroglide activities on Saturday July 3rd, the potential last day of Euroglide 2010.

This Euroglide had a very positive atmosphere and indeed is a record breaking edition:
- 56 participating teams
- 95% of the teams completed the task
- winners of two classes finish within 4 days

Euroglide 2010 impression of NV

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Team UFO, winners of the Self-launcher class
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Team ZZ, winners of the Turbo class
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Team XX, winners of the Glider class

We received reports (stories, photos, videos and links) from several teams and encourage you to submit your material as well (see Rep below).
Results Gliders
Rep1Michel van Abel, Anton Poortman25-6  16:14XXLS6 17,6m NED
2Gerard Jonkers, Johan Vernooij, Thom Warmerdam, Max van Bree25-6  21:16EHDuo Discus NED
Rep3Sicco Gillebaard, Jeroen Verkuijl, Richard Leenheer, Wouter Geldhof, Wim Leenheer26-6  12:46ZCRDG505 elan(d) 20m NED
4Johan Danen, Hans Wisselink, Björn Verswijveren, Rinus Akkermans26-6  14:27W1Duo Discus X NED
5Diederick Joosten, Ilja Achterberg, Lonneke Smit, Jurjan Venema26-6  15:41TUJanus C NED
Rep6Maurice Peters, Harm Willemse, Mark den Besten, Bastiaan Raap26-6  15:57E12Duo Discus NED
7Michiel Lodder, Dijk van Jeroen, Emma Klomparends, Anne Bedaf26-6  17:56M1Duo Discus NED
8Ton Staassen27-6  12:34LDMosquito-B NED
Rep9Mark Strating, Gert Bosch, Henry Van Ommen, Freddy Wiegmann27-6  14:18SALDuo Discus NED
Rep10Paula Maljaars, Bas van Hertom, Rob van Tulder, Jan Pol27-6  22:38YEDG-1000 NED
11Hugo Drijver, Roel van den bos, Jasper Jolink02-7  14:36T12Duo Discus NED
12Jasper Dekkers, Seth Brussaard, Gozewien (Guus) Oonincx, Marcel Hemerik2328 kmDG6DG-505 Elan NED
Rep13Jac. van Stratum, Bart van Stratum* 1625 kmJBLS6-18w NED
* JB had to abandon Euroglide because of persisting car problems.
- Time in UTC
Results Turbos
1Maarten Baltussen, Ronald Termaat, Etienne van Dillen24-6  18:06ZZNimbus 4DT NED
2Robert Werts, Mathilde van Lieshout25-6  13:44LTNimbus 3DT NED
3Siem Troost25-6  15:33SXLS8t NED
4Elbert Westerhout, Kirsten Schugard, Bert Otten, Mark de Jonge25-6  16:187L2Nimbus 3DT NED
5Evert Zwolsman, Nico Koster, Flip Damen, Lex Koster26-6  00:33DIXDuo Discus XT NED
6Gert Buitink26-6  12:14CXVentus 2cxT NED
Rep7Erik Gerritsen, Jeroen Beeke, John de Kanter, Ronald Berg26-6  12:54M3Duo Discus T NED
8Tjeerd Reitsma, Ralph Nijhoff, Rob Flick26-6  13:282TDuo Discus xT NED
9Wolfert Voet, Marc Anton Ruhe26-6  14:017LVentus 2cT NED
Rep10Harold van der Linden, Richard Oud, Ruud Holswilder26-6  14:35LADuoDiscus XT NED
Rep11Tony Willems, Paul Van Den Borne, Dirk Van Den Borne, Guy Lauwers, Koen Van Rooy26-6  14:42FNDDuo Discus T BEL
12Andy van der Stelt, Piet van den Berg, Rolf Beket26-6  16:54RETDG1000T NED
Rep13Han Teunissen, Wim Van der Lelij, Huib Meeuwis, Jurgen Franssen26-6  17:03XLTDuo Discus XLT NED
14Marc van den Putte, Jasper van der Lelij, Ralph Aarts, Erik Comperen27-6  12:14MCTDuo Discus T NED
15Arjan Mooij, Dirk van den Broek27-6  12:553DASW 28-18E NED
16Ger Kwant, Johan Hamelink27-6  13:02JPVentus CT NED
Rep17Dirk Nieuwenhout, Elin Scheffers, Arjan Scheffers27-6  13:22NVASH-25e NED
18Luc Stalman, Bart Geurts27-6  13:34VPDuo Discus XLT NED
19Marco Donders, Mickel van Acker, Stijn van den Broeck, Karl Huens27-6  13:49WB1Duo DiscusT NED
20Sjoerd van den Berg, Herwil van Gelder2260 kmTOPStandard Jantar 41-AT NED
21Mischa Konings* 2047 kmMRLS10-st NED
* MR: Landing gear repair in Bruchsal on day 2 and MR rejoined Euroglide on day 3 in Bayreuth. Displacement > 100 km.
- Time in UTC
Results Self-launchers
1Max Leenders, Walter Frijters, Martijn Alders24-6  15:35UFONimbus 4DM NED
2Andy Kath, Siegbert Gehl24-6  22:55IN1ASH 25 Mi GER
Rep3Max Dolfin25-6  10:15MDDG-808C NED
Rep4Lodewijk de Beukelaar, Ernst-Jan van de Weijgert, Fred van Breemen, Marc van Breemen25-6  13:38LLNimbus 4DM NED
Rep5Evert Fekkes, Piet Mout, Peter Bickel, Geert van Duyse25-6  14:19RWASH-25M NED
Rep6Reitze van der Linden, Bas Krebbers25-6  14:44DXNimbus 4DM NED
7Leon Mol25-6  14:47YAVentus-2cM NED
8Jon Wand25-6  15:40BYASH 26E GBR
Rep9Lutz Volker Benner, Konstantin Kraft25-6  15:41JOYASH 26 E GER
10Vincent Dolfin25-6  16:12VINDG800B NED
11Rory OConor25-6  16:13SHDG800B 18m GBR
12Jelmer Wassenaar, Riko Vos, Bart Groen26-6  14:001MDG-1001M NED
13Berry Fennis26-6  14:15NDG800B NED
Rep14Harry Groenewegen, Niek van Dillen26-6  14:19YDVentus 2cM NED
15Jacques Kolpa26-6  14:21MADG800B NED
Rep16Daan Pare26-6  15:41NLVentus 2cM NED
Rep17Stephan Kollaart, Sieberen van der Werf27-6  13:06iNODG-500M 22m NED
18Chris van der Meyden, Hans Oorthuijs27-6  13:20EGVentus cM NED
Rep19Dirk Hamerlynck, Ernst van Koert, Frits Baltus, Bjorn Blancke, Erik Leybaert27-6  23:20HIJanus CM FG BEL
Rep20Lukas Benedikt, Marek Mikula28-6  15:30LB1Taurus 503 SVK
21Frits Urselmann2328 kmLBAntares 20 E NED
22Jurgen van Staaden, Rob van de Pol2134 kmXBJanus cM NED
- Time in UTC

Departure: Eindhoven Netherlands
First turnpoint: Bronkow Germany
Second turnpoint: Montricher Switzerland
Third turnpoint: Falaise France
Finish: Axel Netherlands. Axel aerial here
Total 2328 km.

Euroglide 2010 itinerary.
Created by Poort