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This year we welcomed 52 teams for quite a challenging route of 2418 kilometers. Only 19 teams finished the whole task in time. Due to the weather forecast the route was flown clockwise. The first day of competition, Monday June 18 th , we encountered bad non-flying weather. So Euroglide 2012 actually started on Tuesday. Tuesday was quite difficult, although the first teams almost made it to the first turning point Pasewalk Franzfelde in the far Northeast of Germany. Wednesday was even worse and most teams could not fly today. Slightly better conditions for Thursday. But from Friday on the weather was quite good. Most teams decided to fly the second leg via Poland and entering Slovakia to the Southeast of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, heading for the airfield of Ruzomberok in the high Tatra mountains. Teams that drove via Poland by car and trailer also encountered several challenges, e.g. the very bad condition of roads and buying a device for the toll roads.
Then, from the first weekend on, we had to fly the longest leg in this Euroglide, crossing the whole of the Czech Republic, via Brno and south of Praha, entering Germany again, just North of the Bayerische Wald. Winds were strong from the West, so daily progress was slow for the next days. We visited many friendly airfields in the Czech Republic and had a good time. And then on Tuesday the first 12 teams finished at Malden glider field in the Netherlands. Well done! A few teams followed on Thursday. Friday and Saturday no more finishes, the game is over! It was a challenging Euroglide: weather conditions fair, bad and sometimes good, challenging terrain, especially around the Slovakia turning point Ruzomberok and strong westerly winds in the second week. But we had a very good time altogether!


Euroglide 2012 route
Euroglide 2012 route, click image to enlarge

Starting in Eindhoven to the south east, to the Wustweiler (abandoned) airfield in the Saarland. Then heading east, crossing the Rhein and passing Nurnberg to enter the Czech republik in the south. Maintain heading east along the Czech-Austrian border into Slowakia, to the second turnpoint Ruzomberok. After that to the north, into Poland and back into Germany to the airfield Pasewalk Franzfelde, north of Berlin. From there to the south west, back to the Netherlands, to the glider field Malden. The task was flown clockwise (so Pasewalk first) and therefore 2418 km.

Flight preparation and downloads

Integrated package

This 6 Mb zipfile contains all documentation produced by the Euroglide organisation, like the rules, maps (v3), car directions, teamlog, airspace summary (v2), airfield information, code of conduct and also two cupfiles of landingsites in Slovakia and the Czech republic. Some but not all of this content will also be handed over in print during the briefing on Sunday. Please note the list of teams is not part of this package and will be issued in print only.

Euroglide 2012 airspace
Euroglide 2012 airspace East (v3), click image to enlarge (Internet Explorer users: right click and "save target as")


Airspace Management Cell (AMC) for AUP and interactive airspace chart.
Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) for AIP, AIP VFR, etc. Register first. Please note you cannot browse from AMC to AIS
All polish airfields on a map Very convenient site. Click the location on the map for airfield details.


Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). Complete site for AIP, AUP, Notams and interactive map. Register first.

Czech Republic

Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) for AUP, AIP, interactive map "AISView" and integrated briefing (IBS) for Notams and weather. No registration required. There is also a mobile version.
Please note this map: ANC_ICAO_2012.pdf


Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) for Notams (VFReBulletin) and briefing only because there is no AIP available here.
Please note the German AIP on the Eurocontrol site European AIS Database (EAD) is IFR only, so of limited use.
The German Militairy AIP is available online.


Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)

Organisation team

Left to right: Anton Poortman, Rob van Heeswijk, Han Teunissen, Maarten Robben
and Gerrit Knoop. Not present is Joeri Bierings.

Euroglide 2012 organisation


Daily reports

View the team-positions, shoutbox and summary reports for each day.

Day 1 - Mon 18 June
Day 2 - Tue 19 June
Day 3 - Wed 20 June
Day 4 - Thu 21 June
Day 5 - Fri 22 June
Day 6 - Sat 23 June
Day 7 - Sun 24 June
Day 8 - Mon 25 June
Day 9 - Tue 26 June
Day 10 - Wed 27 June
Day 11 - Thu 28 June
Day 12 - Fri 29 June
Day 13 - Sat 30 June

Real time reports

Many participants carry a SPOT or share their position via the transponder (ADS-B). Therefore these teams can be tracked in real time. are so kind to gathering this data and displaying it on their website. Real time...

Euroglide Sponsor Challenge

The Euroglide Sponsor Challenge is a charity fundraising initiative. Several teams have found sponsors and are raising funds for Aviation Sans Frontières. Detailed information can be found on the website


Hotels and campings near Eindhoven airport
Campanile Eindhoven
Novotel Eindhoven
Camping de Veldhoeve
Camping 't Dekske

Results Gliders (time in UTC)
1JBJac. van Stratum28th 17:06117LS6-18w NED
2M1Jeroen van Dijk, Michiel Lodder28th 17:16110Duo Discus NED
3ZZKlaus Mangels, Gerd Spiegelberg28th 19:31114LS8 - 18 GER
4NVDirk Nieuwenhout, Elin Scheffers, Robert Jungblut, Arjan Scheffers2334 km122ASH-25E NED
5T12Hugo Drijver, Roel van den Bos, Marinus Bomhof2114 km110Duo Discus NED
6ZCRSicco Gillebaard, Bas Brouwer, Wouter Geldhof, Henk Frohwein2085 km104DG-505 20m NED
7E12Mark den Besten, Maurice Peters, Harm Willemse2009 km110Duo Discus NED
8L6Seth Gerrit Jacobus Hendrik Brussaard, Vincent de Koning1875 km107LS7 NED
9LDTon Staassentodo km109Mosquito NED
10DG6Marcel Maurice Hemerik, Gozewien Petrus Cornelis Oonincx, Ronald Folkert Heiko Free104DG505 NED
11ZNRoland van der Wal114LS-8 (18M) NZL
Results Turbos(time in UTC)
1LTRobert Werts, Mathilde van Lieshout, Sjef Vael, Bram Winters26th 13:27120Nimbus 3DT NED
2MRMischa Konings26th 17:00118LS10-st NED
3CXGert Buitink26th 17:04118Ventus2cxT NED
47L2Bert Otten, Mark de Jonge, Elbert Westerhout, Kirsten Schugard26th 17:11120Nimbus 3DT NED
5MCTMax van Bree, Thom Warmerdam, Gerard Jonkers26th 17:20110Duo-Discus T NED
6DiXBas Krebbers, Reitze van der Linden28th 11:01111Duo Discus NED
7M3Ronald Berg, Jeroen Beeke, Rens van Broekhuijsen, Erik Gerritsen28th 13:58110Duo Discus NED
87L1Wolfert Voet, Marc Ruhe28th 14:01118Ventus 2CT NED
94DTim Hielkema, Ben Van Roij, Michiel Heemstra, Niek van Dillen28th 14:22110Duo Discus T NED
10EUAnton Poortman, Michel van Abel2411 km119ASG 29E NED
11QVEvert Jan Zwolsman, Nico Koster2370 km111DuoDiscusT NED
12LB1Lukas Benedikt, Hugo Benedikt2215 km117LAK-17B FES SVK
13WB1Stijn Van den Broeck, Mickel van Acker, Marco Donders, Peter Smet, Maria Van Oers, Ilona Vermue2178 km111Duo Discus T NED
1449Edwin van Gompel, Maarten Robben, Jan Senft2161 km111Duo Discus T NED
15VPHester Elzenga, Arjan van Dijk, Richard Janssen, Roman van Bayron2150 km111Duo Discus XLT NED
16XLTHuib Meeuwis, Han Teunissen, Wim van der Lely, Jurgen Franssen2103 km111Duo Discus T NED
17FWHarry Groenewegen, Huib Zwart, Elly Zwart-Hazeu1700 km118Ventus 2cT NED
18LARuud Holswilder, Richard Oud, Harold van der Linden1500 km110Duo Discus xT NED
19FNDPaul Van den Borne, Tony Willems, Dirk Van den Borne, Guy Lauwerstodo110Duo Discus T BEL
20RETandy vd stelt, Rolf Beket, Piet van den Berg110dg1000 NED
Results Self-launchers (time in UTC)
1UFOMax Leenders26th 14:09123Nimbus 4DM NED
2SHBart Renckens26th 14:13118Ventus 2cM NED
3NLDaan Paré26th 19:01120Ventus 2cM NED
4F6Helge Liebertz, Katrin Balke, Hans Martin Lent-Phillipps26th 20:1797TWIN III SL GER
5MAJacques Kolpa28th 14:22118DG 800 NED
6VinVincent Dolfin28th 17:36118Dg808b NED
7iNOStephan Kollaart, Jolande Scheuerman28th 19:31110DG500M NED
8MDMax Dolfin2397 km118DG-808 NED
9LLErnst-Jan van de Weijgert, Fred van Breemen, Marc van de Breemen, Lodewijk de Beukelaar2386 km123Nimbus 4DM NED
10EGHans Oorthuijs, Chris van der Meyden2377 km115Ventus cM NED
11LB2Frits Urselmann2244 km120Antares 20 E NED
12ZZZJohan Danen, Wim Danen, Björn Verswijveren, Rinus Akkermans, Hans Wisselink, Guus Stael2231 km114Arcus M NED
13RWEvert Fekkes, Geert Van Duyse, Nele Van den Broeck, Piet Mout, Guido van den Broeck2200 km123ASH-25M NED
14DXDirk Hamerlynck, Frits Baltus, Ernst van Koert, Erik Leybaert2100 km123Nimbus 4DM BEL
15KBTRKarin Cramwinckel, Joost Bogaers, Bram Bongaerts, Siebren Buma, Hans de Hollander1982 km110dg500m NED
16NBerry Fennis1600 km118DG-808B NED
17261Philip Sturley0117ASH26E GBR
1830Andreas Kath, Siegbert Gehl0125ASH 30 Mi GER
19T1Jon Wand0117ASH26E GBR
203PHans Leideman, Axel Horst118Ventus 2cM NED
21XBRob van de Pol, Jurgen van Staaden108Janus NED