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Euroglide 2014

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23 June until 5 July


64 teams started this edition, an all-time record! We divided the teams in 4 classes and had slightly different routes for different classes, so as to avoid overcrowding airfields on the first days of competition. The route was flown clockwise, first into Germany, to the Southeast. We started with very good weather conditions and already on day 2, Tuesday, the first teams were close to the third turning point Poitiers in the Southwest of France. About 20 teams managed to finish in Malden at the end of day 4, Thursday. This was also an all-time record! Some 15 teams finished on Friday and Saturday, but then, for the remaining teams (some 30 in total), a rainy weekend followed. They were stuck in France, Belgium or Germany and had little other options than drinking beer and watching Worldcup Football. From Monday on, and especially on Tuesday, the weather was good and most remaining teams finished on Tuesday in Malden: party time! This was quite a remarkable edition: an all-time record of competition teams, good gliding conditions in the first week, a rainy middle weekend (with lots of beers and football on television) and good atmospheres.


Euroglide 2014 route
Euroglide 2014 route, click to enlarge.
In previous Euroglide editions, all teams were released on the same route at the same time. With the current number of participants, this concept would result in too many teams visiting the same airfields along the route at once (without invitation or notice!).

Therefore, two very similar routes have been specified, each for one pair of classes. One route has a detour after the common route, the other route has a detour before the common route. This way we hope the prevent overcrowded airfields.

For the Selflaunchers and the Low Turbos: Starting from Eindhoven (EHEH) to Stillberghof in Germany. There the common route is joined, heading to the South West through Switzerland to Roanne (LFLO) and Poitiers (LFBI) in France. The detour after the common route is flown by rounding Soest instead of Dahlemer Binz. For all classes, the finish is in Malden, the Netherlands.

The Gliders start at Malden and the High Turbos at Venlo. The route of these two classes begins with a detour. First to the East to Ithwiesen in Germany, followed by a south eastern leg to Amberg. Then the common route through Switzerland and France is flown. This time Dahlemer Binz (EDKV) in Germany is the final turnpoint before finishing on Malden.

The total distances of these routes ranges from 2342 to 2350 km. There is also an anti-clockwise route specified. It has the same turnpoints, but the detours are switched. Details about these routes and also about the small and large route variants (for excellent or extremely bad weather) can be found on the rules page.


These maps cover the entire area:
Germany - ICAO Gliding charts (Segelflugkarte): Hannover, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Nürnberg and München.
Switzerland - Gliding chart (Segelflugkarte Schweiz)
France - ICAO charts: North East, South East and South West.
Belgium - Covered by ICAO chart France North East.
Czech Republic (Required for small and large routes): Covered by Germany ICAO Gliding chart Nurnberg.

Please note Jeppesen does no longer publish VFR maps.

Mobile website operational

The Euroglide mobile website is operational. This light website is designed for use with a smart phone. It is not an app, so just use the browser of your smartphone or laptop.

The site allows you to report your position (mandatory each evening), view the reported positions of other teams, view notifications from the Euroglide contest officials, add shouts and view the shouts of other teams.

Teams are asked to familiarise themselves with the site. Just play with it, login with your team login id and add your position or a shout. Until the first day of competition, the results will be displayed on Day 0 - Sandbox. Each day at midnight, the sandbox page is cleared automatically.

The mobile site is available on


Daily reports

View the team-positions, shoutbox, notice board and summary reports for each day.

Real time reports

We have reserved 56! KNVvL-Trackers and are planning the distribution of these to the participating teams. Also, some participants carry a SPOT or share their position via the transponder (ADS-B). Therefore these teams can be tracked in real time. The real time position data will be published at Further details will be shared when available.


Hotels and campings near Eindhoven airport
Campanile Eindhoven
Novotel Eindhoven
Camping de Veldhoeve
Camping 't Dekske

Euroglide Sponsor Challenge

The Euroglide Sponsor Challenge is a charity fundraising initiative. Teams find sponsors and are raising funds for Aviation Sans Frontières. Detailed information can be found here

Gliders: Final results (time in UTC)
1M1Bart Renckens, Sikko Vermeer, Hans Makkee27-6 13:36Duo Discus110 NED
2MThom Warmerdam, Jac. van Stratum28-6 08:05LS6 15m111 NED
3U6Vincent de Koning, Willem Dortu28-6 09:05DG 800S118 NED
4E11Jeppe de Boer, Reitze van der Linden, Bas Krebbers28-6 09:26Duo Discus XL110 NED
5CVAChristophe COUSSEAU, Thibaud LECOQ, Lauriane LE TROADEC, Sebastien Petit, Anthony Lebout28-6 09:45Duo Discus110 FRA
6EHMichel van Abel, Huib Meeuwis, Anton Poortman28-6 18:45Duo Discus110 NED
7ZCRSicco Gillebaard, Erik Houtman, Ronald de Ronde, Hein Romeijn01-7 12:02DG 500/20m104 NED
8T12Marinus Bomhof, Hugo Drijver, Bert van de Bunte01-7 12:25Duo Discus110 NED
9DLPatrick Hoeve, Robert Jungblut, Karel van der Zande01-7 12:47Duo Discus110 NED
10DG6Marcel Hemerik, Seth Brussaard, Gozewien (Guus) Oonincx, Ronald Free03-7 13:02DG 505104 NED
11YRSerge KATZ, Thibault MENSAH, GOSSELIN Antoine, Sebastien Buisson, Hossin Litim, Pierre-Emmanuel Guyot2166 kmNimbus 4D123 FRA
12YEJan Pol, Rob van Tulder, Robert van Galen, Johannes Hulshof1448 kmDG 1000110 NED
13MIBent Riisgaard Jorgensen0 kmASW 20L112 DEN
14NYGer Kwant, A van den Meijdenberg, J Hamelink0 kmDG 505WL104 NED
Low Turbos: Final results (time in UTC)
1DX2Erik Borgmann, Dirk Wolff, Joost Wolff, Max Bloch26-6 13:10Arcus T114 NED
2LARuud Holswilder, Richard Oud, Harold van der Linden27-6 12:17Duo Discus XT111 NED
3M3Jeroen Beeke, Rens van Broekhuijsen, Ronald Berg, John de Kanter, Erik Gerritsen27-6 16:20Duo Discus T110 NED
4E12Mark den Besten, Peters Maurice, Roel van der Veen01-7 11:55Duo Discus XLT111 NED
5FNDPaul Van den Borne, Walter Geenen, Ad Kennes, Dirk Van den Borne01-7 12:16Duo Discus T110 BEL
6VPArjan van Dijk, Chrit Cuppen, Patrick Vink, Ruud Faessen01-7 13:12Duo Discus XLT111 NED
749Jan Senft, Maarten Robben, Edwin van Gompel, Jos Bakermans01-7 13:52Duo Discus XLT111 NED
8H9Dick Breederveld, Marco van Kempen, Benjamin Buijs, Reinier van Rijnberk01-7 13:53DG 1000T110 NED
9MCTJos Jonkers, Stefan Knoop, Gerrit Knoop, Marc van den Putte, Han Teunissen01-7 14:13Duo Discus T110 CAN
10K9Ferdi Kuijpers, Herman Schwarte, Milan Percic01-7 15:32Duo Discus XLT111 NED
11SChristine Franke, Rainer Franke02-7 17:02Arcus T114 GER
12KROBernie Morris, Jeff Warren2316 kmDuo Discus XLT111 GBR
13XLTMarc Hardenberg, Jan Brouwer, Henk Koudijs, Jan Muller1764 kmDuo Discus XLT111 NED
14AIRHerwil van Gelder, Wilfred Groeneveld, Marrit Bos, Pieter van Vliet0 kmDG 1000T110 NED
High Turbos: Final results (time in UTC)
1LTRobert Werts, Sjef Vael, Bram Winters, Mathilde van Lieshout26-6 15:34Nimbus 3DT120 NED
2FPJurjan Venema, Ilja Achterberg, Diederick Joosten, Lonneke Smit26-6 15:55ASH 25E123 NED
37LKirsten Schugard, Elbert Westerhout, Mark de Jonge, Bert Otten26-6 16:39Nimbus 3DT120 NED
4NUNicolaas Gerardus Martinus (Niels) Oerlemans, Dirk Johan Adriaan Teuling26-6 17:04Ventus 2CT 18 m118 NED
5VCChristian Schols26-6 17:30Ventus CT115 NED
6LB1Lukas Benedikt, Jiri George Benedikt27-6 08:28LAK 17B FES117 SVK
7WMPaul Wijsman, Bart Groen27-6 08:36Ventus CT115 NED
8ZYLeon Mol, Jan Evens27-6 13:51Nimbus 4DT123 NED
9CXGert Buitink28-6 16:40Ventus 2CXT118 NED
10NVDirk Nieuwenhout, Elin Scheffers, Arjan Scheffers, Menno Sappé28-6 16:42ASH 25E123 NED
11FXFerdi Koenders, Henk Kleijn01-7 12:43Ventus CT115 NED
12MRMischa Konings, Huib Zwart, Elly Zwart - Hazeu01-7 12:46LS 10ST118 NED
Self Launchers: Final results (time in UTC)
1UFOMax Leenders, Wolfert Voet, Marc Ruhe26-6 12:03Nimbus 4DM123 NED
2MDGeert Van Duyse26-6 12:32ASH 26E117 BEL
3LLErnst-Jan van de Weijgert, Lodewijk de Beukelaar, Marc van de Breemen, Fred van Breemen26-6 13:40Nimbus 4DM123 NED
4RCFrançois Hersen, Jean Marc Caillard26-6 14:04ASH 30Mi124 FRA
537Gerd Spiegelberg26-6 14:36Antares 18T118 GER
6BVVolker Polhaus26-6 14:36ASH 26E117 GER
7YYHermann Rosing26-6 14:36Ventus 2 CM118 GER
8JOYLutz Volker Benner26-6 14:48ASH 31Mi118 GER
9CPClaude POUETTE26-6 17:48Ventus 2CM118 FRA
1030Siegbert Gehl, Andreas Kath26-6 17:52ASH 30Mi124 GER
11VINMax Dolfin26-6 17:56DG 800118 NED
12PSPaul Schepers, Peter Batenburg, Peter Kroon27-6 15:34Arcus M114 NED
13Q2Thomas Welling, Mario Wichmann27-6 16:02DG 1000M110 GER
144PNils Van der Velden, Hans Leideman, Axel Horst, Henry Heine28-6 16:55Nimbus 4DM123 NED
15LB2Frits Urselmann, Ton Leenders30-6 14:33Antares 20E120 NED
16ZZZBjörn Verswijveren, Johan Danen, Hans Wisselink, Wim Danen01-7 12:08Arcus M114 NED
17EGChris van der Meyden, Hans Oorthuijs01-7 13:29Ventus CM115 NED
18iNOStephan Kollaart, Harm Willemse01-7 13:35DG 500M110 NED
19DX1Dirk Hamerlynck, Frits Baltus, Ernst Van Koert, Erik Leybaert, thomas van erck, Mickel van Acker01-7 15:09Nimbus 4DM123 BEL
20RWEvert Fekkes, Marco Donders, Guido van den Broeck, Piet Mout01-7 15:40ASH 25M123 NED
21LYOtto Stibbe, Godfried Stibbe, Herbert van Zomeren, Jan Paul Beeke02-7 15:05G103 TwinIII SL 95 NED
22NBerry Fennis03-7 13:14DG 808B118 NED
23RDStephan Ripp, Hans-Theo Deckers, Thomas Deckers0 kmArcus M114 GER
24XSFrank van Empelen0 kmNimbus 4M124 NED