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Mon 20 June until Sat 2 July


Start and finish of this edition are on the gliding field in Venlo. The organizing club Eindhoven gliding club is in a merging process with the Venlo gliding club and starting from Eindhoven Airbase is no longer an option. 72 teams in this edition, even more than the record of 2014. We had a different route this time: a shallow triangle, far to the east in Poland, with turningpoints Plock and Krosno.
Only 1 glider, 2 low turbos, 5 high turbos and 8 self launchers completed the whole task this time. So 56 teams were not able to finish the task in full. Many teams had to shortcut the turningpoints in Poland or ended somewhere on the last leg of the big triangle. This Euroglide started with a rain front on Monday, bad conditions on Tuesday and for most teams the first real gliding competition day starting on Wednesday. Many teams decided to make a tactical displacement from Venlo to start the competition, some teams even departed on Sunday evening, right after the briefing. From Wednesday on, the weather was quite good for a few days, although very hot and stabilizing. But good enough to reach Poland and for quite some teams the first turning point of Plock. From the weekend on, most teams encountered heavy thunderstorms in Poland, with relative short flying distances of no flights at all. The first 13 teams managed to finish on Tuesday June 28, after 8 days. Well done, with this challenging conditions! The teams that stayed in the race until the last day had the most of their vacation, with many different glider fields enroute, nice encounters, good food and drinks and good times.


The Aeroclub Eindhoven is the process of merging with the gliding club at Venlo (60 km East of Eindhoven). All gliding operations from Eindhoven Airport have ceased.

Therefore, the organisation of Euroglide 2016 is a joint operation of both clubs. Start and finish of Euroglide 2016 will be on Venlo airfield.


The basis of the route is a triangle with start and finish at Venlo and two turnpoints in Poland. The first turnpoint is Plock, just North-East of Warszawa. Then to Krosno in the south east of Poland.

Euroglide 2016 route
Euroglide 2016 route,
click to enlarge.
In addition, turnpoint Borkenberge has been inserted in order to avoid the TMA Dusseldorf
The initial plan to have both turbo classes fly to Plock via Dahlemer Binz was dropped based on past and forecast weather in the Eiffel area.

The total distance of the task is 2417km. More details can be found in the Euroglide 2016 Rules, available on the rules page.

Flight preparation and downloads

Integrated package

This 37 Mb zipfile contains all Euroglide documentation, like the Contest rules, Airspace summary and maps, Team log, General info form, Code of conduct and Correspondence with Polish aeroclubs.

Euroglide 2016 airspace
Euroglide 2016 airspace Poland and Czech Republic, click image to enlarge (Internet Explorer users: right click and "save target as")


Maps required would be Hannover, Berlin, Franfurt and Nurnberg for Germany. There are glider pilot versions available for these maps.

For Poland these are standard ICAO Poznan, Warszawa, Wroclaw and Krakow. The 2016 editions of these maps are avaliable now (31 May).

For the Czech republic (and Slowakia) there is a map available here (more convenient than the ICAO map).


The AIP (VFR, IFR and Mil) is available on the site of the Polish air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA).
Please note these very convenient FIS-Maps (Polish language only).
For daily use: Airspace Usage Plan (AUP) and an interactive airspace chart shows all Polish airfields on a map. Filter the map on airfield type and click the location on the map for airfield details.

Czech Republic

Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) for AUP, AIP, interactive map "AISView" and integrated briefing (IBS) for Notams and weather. No registration required. There is also a mobile version.


Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) for Notams (VFReBulletin) and briefing only because there is no AIP available here.
Please note the German AIP on the Eurocontrol site European AIS Database (EAD) is IFR only, so of limited use.
The German Militairy AIP is available online.


Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)


Aeronautical Information Services (AIS). Complete site for AIP, AUP, Notams and interactive map. Register first.


Real time tracking

View real time positions on Glider

Daily reports

View the team-positions, shoutbox, notice board and summary reports for each day.

Day 1 - Mon 20 June
Day 2 - Tue 21 June
Day 3 - Wed 22 June
Day 4 - Thu 23 June
Day 5 - Fri 24 June
Day 6 - Sat 25 June
Day 7 - Sun 26 June
Day 8 - Mon 27 June
Day 9 - Tue 28 June
Day 10 - Wed 29 June
Day 11 - Thu 30 June
Day 12 - Fri 1 July
Day 13 - Sat 2 July
Gliders: Preliminary results (time in UTC)
12BBart Berendsen02-7 11:55FinalLS7-WL107 NED
2EHMichel van Abel, Max van Bree, Ronald Kaaij2143 kmFinalDuo Discus110 NED
3YRDidier Barandiaran, Serge Katz2124 kmFinalNimbus 4D124 FRA
4E11Reitze van der Linden, Bas Krebbers, Jos Heesakkers 2020 kmFinalDuo Discus XL111 NED
572Christoph Welter, Marc Bickenbach, Christian Ludloff, Richard Breum1937 kmFinalDuo Discus110 GER
6INChristian Ludloff, Gerald Erndt, Christoph Welter, Marc Bickenbach1885 kmFinalLS 6 18W117 GER
7T12Hugo Drijver, Marinus Bomhof, Patrick Riteco1833 kmFirst PassDuo discus110 NED
8ZCRSicco Gillebaard, Larry Meenk, Hein Romeijn, Luc Weber1830 kmFinalDG 500104 NED
9YEJan Pol, Rob van Tulder, Willem Franken, Patricia Franken, Robert van Galen1769 kmFinalDG 1000110 NED
10U6Vincent de Koning, Seth Brussaard1404 kmFirst PassDG 800S118 NED
11DLPatrick Hoeve, Karel Van der Zande, Constantijn Neeteson, Ronald de Ronde1194 kmFirst PassDuo Discus110 NED
12DG6Marcel Hemerik, Guus Oonincx, Ronald Free, leon wolters1163 kmFirst PassDG 505 Elan104 NED
13EDAnton Poortman, Stefan Knoop, Bram Couteaux0 kmNo LogsDiscus CS107 NED
14EFStefan Knoop, Bram Couteaux, Anton Poortman0 kmNo LogsDiscus CS107 NED
Low Turbos: Preliminary results (time in UTC)
12TAd Ooyevaar, Fransois Van Haaff, Tjeerd Reitsma, Francis van Haaff30-6 11:37FinalDuo Discus XT111 NED
2M3Jan Paul Beeke, Herbert van Zomeren, Ronald (Goof) Berg, Erik Gerritsen30-6 12:16FinalDuo Discus XLT111 NED
34DTim Hielkema, Maurits Van Lelyveld, Stijn van Hofwegen2238 kmFinalDuo Discus T110 NED
4VPArjan van Dijk, Chrit Cuppen, Patrick Vink, Thijs Hendrikx1936 kmFinalDuo Discus XLT111 NED
5H9Fabian De Groot, Marco van Kempen, Gijsbert Buijs, Jeroen Verschuuren1773 kmFinalDG 1000T110 NED
6FNDPaul Van den Borne, Tony Willems1769 kmFirst PassDuo Discus T110 BEL
7DDRens van Broekhuijsen, Jeroen Beeke, Siebren Buma, Daan Vermeij1635 kmFirst PassDuo Discus XLT111 NED
8E12Mark den Besten, Maurice Peters, Erik Houtman1468 kmFirst PassDuo Discus XLT111 NED
949Martien de Wert, Jan Senft, Edwin van Gompel, Maarten Robben1449 kmFirst PassDuo Discus XLT111 NED
10BBRobert Jungblut, Pieter Groenendijk, Ferdi Koenders1346 kmFirst PassDuo Discus T110 NED
11MCTGerrit knoop, Han Teunissen, Marc van den Putte, Jonkers Jos972 kmFirst PassDuo Discus T110 CAN
12K9Ferdi Kuijpers, Milan Percic, Herman Schwarte, Frouwke Kuijpers-Kwant0 kmLogsDuo Discus XLT111 NED
13KROJeff Warren, Bernie Morris0 kmNo LogsDuo Discus XLT111 GBR
14LARuud Holswilder, Richard Oud, Harm Willemse0 kmNo LogsDuo Discus XT111 NED
15RETAndy vd Stelt, Bob Booij, Piet vd Berg0 kmNo LogsDG 1000T110 NED
16WB1Dries Van Hoecke, Stijn Van den Broeck, Chrisraan Slabbekoorn, Frits Baltus0 kmNo LogsDuo discus110 BEL
High Turbos: Preliminary results (time in UTC)
1EXErik Borgmann, Evert Jan Zwolsman, Dirk Wolff, Francis Moginot, Hermann Möller, Max Bloch, Ralph Nijhoff28-6 11:15FinalArcus T114 NED
2DX1Evert Jan Zwolsman, Dirk Wolff, Erik Borgmann, Francis Moginot, Hermann Möller, Max Bloch, Ralph Nijhoff28-6 11:21FinalArcus T114 NED
3IMJona Keimer, Johannes Achleitner28-6 11:48FinalASH 25E122 GER
47LBert Otten, Kirsten Schugard, Elbert Westerhout, Mark de Jonge28-6 12:56FinalNimbus 3DT120 NED
5NVDirk Nieuwenhout, Menno Sappe28-6 13:04FinalASH 25E122 NED
6LTRobert Werts, Mathilde Lieshout van, Sjef Vael, Michael de Wert2395 kmFinalNimbus 3DT120 NED
7NUNiels Oerlemans, Dick Teuling2297 kmFirst PassVentus 2CT118 NED
8MRMischa Konings2157 kmFirst PassLS10-st118 NED
9V8Wilfred Groeneveld, Herwil van Gelder, Pieter van Vliet, Marrit Bos2116 kmFirst PassArcus T114 NED
10TXHarry Groenewegen, Huib Zwart1555 kmFirst PassVentus 2CT118 NED
11FXHenk Kleijn, Johan Hammink1523 kmFirst PassVentus CT115 NED
1281Ronald Rooij, Irene van der Zwan, Boudewijn van Swijndregt1150 kmFirst PassVentus 2CXT119 NED
1341BIrene van der Zwan, Ronald Rooij, Boudewijn van Swijndregt1120 kmFirst PassVentus 2CXT119 NED
1437Gerd Spiegelberg0 kmNo LogsAntares 18T118 GER
154TJohan Hamelink, Ger Kwant0 kmNo LogsNimbus 4T124 NED
16LB1Lukas Benedikt0 kmNo LogsLAK 17Bfes117 SVK
17VCChristian Schols0 kmNo LogsVentus CT115 NED
18XLMaarten Baltussen, Robin van Maarschalkerweerd, Rien Bastiaanse, Bas Seijffert0 kmLogsNimbus 4DT123 NED
Self Launchers: Preliminary results (time in UTC)
1LB2Ton Leenders28-6 10:19FinalAntares 20E120 NED
2LLErnst-Jan van de Weijgert, Marc van Breemen, Lodewijk de Beukelaar, Dirk Brokken28-6 10:34FinalNimbus 4DM124 NED
34PHans Leideman, Axel Horst, Henry Heine28-6 10:38FinalNimbus 4DM123 NED
4JOYLutz Volker Benner28-6 12:30FinalASH 31Mi121 GER
5ABAxel Beurer28-6 12:35FinalASH 26E117 GER
6MUMathias Muench28-6 13:05FinalDG 800B 18m118 GER
7BVVolker Polhaus28-6 13:50FinalASH 26E117 GER
8DX2Erik Leybaert, Dirk Hamerlynck, Thomas Van Erck, Jan Bracke28-6 15:28FinalNimbus 4DM124 BEL
943Vincent Dolfin, Max Dolfin2413 kmFinalArcus M114 NED
10YYHermann Rosing2357 kmFinalVentus 2CM118 GER
11PSPaul Schepers, Peter Batenbug, Peter Kroon2124 kmFirst PassArcus M114 NED
1226Andreas Kath2082 kmFirst PassASH 26E117 GER
13iNOStephan Kollaart, Marco Haakmeester2059 kmFirst PassDG 500M 22m110 NED
14RWEvert Fekkes, Guido van den Broeck, Piet Mout, Willy Verplanke2057 kmFirst PassASH 25M123 NED
15S10David Hall, C.Peter Soltau, Benedikt Lang2013 kmFirst PassStemme S10VT110 GER
16PLZSijmen de Vries, Dick Breederveld, Reinier van Rijnberk1820 kmFirst PassASH 25Mi123 NED
17Q3Thomas Welling, Mario Wichmann1714 kmFirst PassStemme S10 V110 GER
18SHWillem Dortu1700 kmFirst PassASH 26E117 NED
1941ALeon Mol, Marcel Pelzers1620 kmFirst PassASH 25M123 NED
20EGChris van der Meyden, Hans Oorthuijs1587 kmFirst PassVentus CM115 NED
21MDGeert Van Duyse, Dicki Westbroek1232 kmFirst PassASH 26E117 BEL
22unkRoelof Corporaal, Sjoerd van den Berg, Gerrit Bouma, Anne Fennema, Dirk Corporaal1209 kmFirst PassNimbus 3DM120 NED
23XBArjan Mooij, Nico Hemmes, Gijs Holtslag0 kmNo LogsJanus CM108 NED
24ZZZBjörn Verswijveren, Wim Danen, Hans Wisselink, Diederik Schuitmaker0 kmNo LogsArcus M114 NED