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Mon 2 July until Fri 13 July


The organization decided for a big quadrangle of 2410 km for high turbos and selflaunchers and 2355 kilometer for gliders and low turbos. The turning points were Güstrow (near Rostock) in the Northeast of Germany, Frydlandt in the utmost Southeast of the Czech Republic and Hütten- Hotzenwald, high in the Black Forest. Once again, as in 2016, a total of 72 teams started the competition on Monday July 2, in Venlo. The weather was good this first day, although with a Northeasterly opposite wind and blue skies, without cumulus. But gliding conditions became better to the Northeast, with many teams close to the first turningpoint Güstrow, this first day.
A second day to follow on Tuesday with excellent gliding conditions: good thermals, high thermal base, well over 2000 meters and the Northeasterly wind from behind today. Many teams flew over 800 kilometers, some close to 1000 kilometers. A highlight for the pilots today and a challenge or almost a suffering for the crews, travelling over 1000 kilometers today. Some crews were happy enough to cut corners but most teams arrived in the dark, sometimes far after midnight!
Day 3 and day 4 were also quite good, however on Wednesday in the afternoon thunderstorms approaching from the South, forcing many pilots to land early in the Southeast of Germany or still in the Czech Republic. Thunderstorms were also dominating the Thursday, forcing some teams to a standstill this day. A tactical decision was to divert further north on track, because the thunderstorms still approached from the South. But the last turningpoint of Hütten-Hotzenwald in the Southwest had still to be reached or regulatory cut off.
UFO and LZ finished on Friday, the fifth day of Competition. Well done! A large group of 31 teams (!) finished on Saturday in Venlo, crowding the glidingfield and the clubhouse. Party time!

Prize giving and reunion

The prize giving and reunion was on Saturday 27 October 2018 in the clubhouse of the VEzc at Venlo Airfield.


Euroglide 2018 route
Euroglide 2018 route,
click to enlarge.
Starting from Venlo airfield to Güstrow in the nord east of Germany.

Then along the Polish and Czech border to the south east corner of the Czech Republic, the airfield Frýdlant nad Ostravicí.

Next to the Black Forest in the south west corner of Germany.

From the airfield Hütten-Hotzenwald back to Venlo the track is north.

Please note that additional turnpoints in the vicinity of Venlo have been inserted so as to avoid overcrowded airfields on the first leg:
- The Selflauncher class and the High Turbo class have to pass via Lemelerveld.
- The Glider class and Low Turbo class have to pass Borkenberge.

The task totals are respectively 2410 km and 2355 km.

Flight preparation and downloads

Integrated package

This 7.5 Mb zipfile contains all Euroglide documentation, like the Contest rules, Team log, General info form and Code of conduct.

Euroglide 2018 grass
Thanks Piet!

Czech Republic

Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) for AUP, AIP, interactive map "AISView" and integrated briefing (IBS) for Notams and weather. No registration required. There is also a mobile version.


Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) for Notams (VFReBulletin) and briefing only because there is no AIP available here.
Please note the German AIP on the Eurocontrol site European AIS Database (EAD) is IFR only, so of limited use.
The German Militairy AIP is available online.


Aeronautical Information Service (AIS)


Daily reports

View the team-positions, shoutbox, notice board and summary reports for each day.

Day 1 - Mon 2 July
Day 2 - Tue 3 July
Day 3 - Wed 4 July
Day 4 - Thu 5 July
Day 5 - Fri 6 July
Day 6 - Sat 7 July
Day 7 - Sun 8 July
Day 8 - Mon 9 July
Day 9 - Tue 10 July
Day 10 - Wed 11 July
Day 11 - Thu 12 July
Day 12 - Fri 13 July


Gliders results (time in UTC)
1PRPawel Bahyrycz, Wojciech Domanski, Renata Dabrowska07-7 12:35FinalDG300104 POL
2VBAnton Poortman, Bram Couteaux07-7 12:49FinalLS6c 17,5m116 NED
3F11Siem Troost, Jeroen Minnema, Aart Jan Troost07-7 15:27FinalDG-1000110 NED
4U6Vincent de Koning07-7 16:27FinalDG-800S118 NED
5E11Mark den Besten, Erik Houtman, Maurice Peters07-7 17:20FinalDuo Discus XL111 NED
6EHRonald Kaay, Max van Bree, Noud Kaay, Caspar van Bree08-7 13:16FinalDuo Discus110 NED
78WChristoph Welter, Christian Ludloff, Marla Witt, Richard Breum, Heinz R?ltgen, Uli M?ller, Marc Bickenbach, Dirk Florian09-7 12:26FinalJanus Ce108 GER
872Marc Bickenbach, Christian Ludloff, Marla Witt, Richard Breum, Heinz R?ltgen, Uli M?ller, Christoph Welter, Dirk Florian09-7 12:26FinalDuo Discus110 GER
9ZCRSicco Gillebaard, Larry Meenk, Hein Romeijn, Ronald de Ronde, Emma Gillebaard09-7 12:36FinalDG-500104 NED
10TUMTessa Weigelt, Sandra Maria M?ller, Moritz Scholjegerdes, Alrik Dargel, Philipp Schmitz, Konstantin K?hler09-7 12:46FinalDG1000110 GER
11104George Metcalfe09-7 17:40FinalASW28108 GBR
12T12Hugo Drijver, Maurice Peters, Camilla Van der Zande13-7 13:42FinalDuo Discus110 NED
13VAMoritz Scholjegerdes, Tessa Weigelt, Sandra Maria M?ller, Alrik Dargel, Philipp Schmitz, Konstantin K?hler2353 kmFinalDG1000 110 GER
VADisplacement 207 km. Exceeding credit by 2 km.
Low Turbos results (time in UTC)
1E12Bas Krebbers, Reitze van der Linden07-7 14:32FinalDuo Discus XLT111 NED
2MCTHan Teunissen, Jan Senft, Gerrit Knoop, Michel van Abel07-7 14:41FinalDuo Discus110 NED
32TTjeerd Reitsma, Francis van Haaff, Ad Ooijevaar, Filip Brinkman, Paul Melkert07-7 15:24FinalDuo Discus xT111 NED
4WOPieter van Vliet, Herwil van Gelder, Dirk Corporaal, Marrit Bos07-7 15:24FinalDuo Discus XLT111 NED
54DStijn van Hofwegen, Tim Hielkema, Maurits van Lelyveld07-7 15:49FinalDuo Discus110 NED
6GMKlaus Mangels, Gerd Spiegelberg07-7 16:13FinalDuo Discus XLT111 GER
7QVJoost van Hoek, Nico Koster07-7 16:28FinalDuoDiscusT110 NED
8M3Herbert van Zomeren, Jan Paul Beeke, Ronald Berg, Jeroen Beeke07-7 17:46FinalDuo Discus XLT111 NED
9VPArjan van Dijk, Raimond Debertrand, Chrit Cuppen, Jan van de Ven07-7 17:48FinalDuo Discus XLT111 NED
10RETBob Booij, Piet van der Berg, andy vd stelt, Cees Stellaard08-7 13:48FinalDG1000T110 NED
11NLLuethi Matthias, Andreas L?thi, Samuel Schneider 08-7 14:06FinalDuo Discus T WL111 SUI
12DGTSjoerd van den Berg, Anne Fennema, Wilfred Groeneveld, Gerrit Bouma08-7 16:11FinalDG-1000T110 NED
13DLPatrick Hoeve, Karel van der Zande, Robert Jungblut, Ferdi Koenders, Rosa Bastet, Annemarie Sent08-7 16:14FinalDuo Discus XLT111 NED
14GO3Matthijs Beekman, Kitso Epema, William Stalenburg, Stefan Telkamp09-7 08:48FinalDuo-Discus XLT111 NED
15KPFrouwke Kuijpers, Ferdi Kuijpers10-7 15:53FinalAsw20cj110 NED
16YDRob van Tulder, Jan Pol, Robert van Galen, Johannes Hulshof12-7 15:42FinalDuo Discus XLT111 NED
17LARuud Holswilder, Oud Richard, Harold van der Linden, Jep Giltay1973 kmFinalDuo Discus xT111 NED
18KROJeff Warren, Bernie MorrisNo LogsDuo Discus XLT111 GBR
KRORetired on day 8. Electrical problems.
LATake off before opening on day 1
High Turbos results (time in UTC)
1LZLuka Znidarsic06-7 16:58FinalVentus 2cxa FES119 SLO
2XLBas Seijffert, Rien Bastiaanse, Tijmen Baltussen, Maarten Baltussen07-7 16:40FinalNimbus 4DT123 NED
3LTMathilde van Lieshout, Robert Werts, Sjef Vael, Wert de Michael07-7 16:40FinalNimbus 3DT120 NED
4IMJona Keimer, Johannes Achleitner07-7 17:30FinalASH25E122 GER
5YA2Mol Leon07-7 17:45FinalNimbus-3t122 NED
67LBert Otten, Elbert Westerhout, Kirsten Schugard, Mark de Jonge08-7 11:04FinalNimbus 3DT120 NED
7DHBaer Selen08-7 13:41FinalASW-28/18E116 NED
8MRMischa Konings08-7 13:41FinalLS10-st120 NED
9YA1Thomas Mohn, Rainer Schmadel09-7 18:44FinalArcus T116 GER
10NUNiels Oerlemans, Dick Teuling11-7 13:28FinalVentus2CT118 NED
11TXHuib Zwart, Harry Groenewegen12-7 14:29FinalVentus2cT118 NED
12FPJoris Gernaey, Koen Wouters, Sophie van Middelaar, Ronald Deerenberg1278 kmFinalASH25E 26M123 NED
FPRetired on day 3.
Self Launchers results (time in UTC)
1UFOWolfert Voet, Marc Ruhe, Max Leenders06-7 14:58FinalNimbus 4DM123 NED
2C8Jon Meis07-7 11:54FinalVentus 2cxM118 GER
3TPDirk Nieuwenhout, Menno Sapp?, Bart Groen07-7 14:23FinalEB28126 NED
4NPHenk Leegwater, Jos Minnema, Kor Sneller07-7 15:07FinalArcusM116 NED
5YYHermann Rosing07-7 15:40FinalVentus 2 CM118 GER
643Max Dolfin, Bart Renckens07-7 15:47FinalArcusM116 NED
7LBTon Leenders, Frits Urselmann07-7 16:19FinalAntares 20E122 NED
8DXDirk Hamerlynck, Frank Van Eenaeme, Erik Leybaert, Van Erck Thomas07-7 16:26FinalN4DM123 BEL
9LLErnst-Jan van de Weijgert, Marc van Breemen, Lodewijk de Beukelaar, Dirk Brokken07-7 16:38FinalNimbus 4DM123 NED
10RWEvert Fekkes, Frits Baltus, Piet Mout, Peter Bickel07-7 17:38FinalASH-25M122 NED
11FBMartin van der M?hlen, Frank Patt, Marc Theisen07-7 17:57FinalASH25-EB28123 GER
12MCDidier BARANDIARAN, Fran?ois LAMARRE08-7 14:05FinalDG 505MB112 FRA
13Q3Thomas Welling, Mario Wichmann08-7 15:42FinalStemme S10112 GER
14FIXWilden Johannes, Zeller Rudolf, van der M?hlen Bernd08-7 16:38FinalNimbus 4 DM123 GER
15SHWillem Dortu09-7 13:38FinalASH26E117 FRA
16MUMathias Muench09-7 17:00FinalDG-800b/18m118 GER
17iNOStephan Kollaart, Jolande Scheuerman10-7 17:00FinalDG500M110 NED
18EGChris van der Meyden, Hans Oorthuijs11-7 17:12FinalVentus cM115 NED
19PLZSijmen de Vries, Dick Breederveld, Reinier van Rijnberk2410 kmFinalASH-25Mi122 NED
204PHans Leideman, Henry Heine, Axel Horst2406 kmFinalNimbus-4DM123 NED
21HXMarkus Holighaus, Harald Holighaus2355 kmFinalASG 32Mi116 GER
22HKThom Warmerdam2301 kmFinalAntares 20E122 NED
23JOYLutz Volker Benner, Wolfgang W?rz2294 kmFinalASG 32 MI116 GER
24ABAxel Beurer2147 kmFinalASH26E117 GER
25Q4Eckard Seeger, J?rg Zinnert1585 kmFinalStemme S10112 GER
26BVVolker Polhaus1438 kmFinalASH26E117 GER
27OVNiklas Fischer, Joshua ArntzNo LogsASH25M122 GER
28XABRobin ErmenNo LogsQuintus125 GER
29XSFrank van EmpelenNo LogsNimbus4M124 NED
4PExceeding credit by 4 km.
BVRetired on day 3. Engine failure on Frydlant.
HKRetired on day 6. Damaged wing.
JOYRetired on day 7. Engine failure.
PLZDisplacement exceeding 200km when rounding Hutten