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Welcome to the site of the Euroglide, the biennial gliding race over more than 2500 kilometres through several european countries. You'll find general introductory information about Euroglide on this page.

M1 near Ulm, on its way to a 6 m/s lift. Click to enlarge.
Euroglide 2002, M1 approaches the cooling-towers near Ulm, Germany
Venlo Eindhoven Zweefvliegclub.
Euroglide is organised by the Venlo Eindhoven gliding club, the Netherlands

See Current edition for all the details about the next Euroglide. Check out the Rules page for a rules-summary and the latest version of the Euroglide rules.

Euroglide 2024 is the 16th edition. Previous editions tells you all about the 15 Euroglide races that were organised before. There you will also find some stories that were sent to us by the competitors on how it is to participate on this race.

Finally, if you're interested in Euroglide 2024 or in case you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Euroglide like?

Contrary to a standard gliding competition, when each day a task is flown from the same airfield, Euroglide has only one task of approximately 2500 km:"Depart from Venlo airfield, round the turnpoints and return to Venlo as soon as possible, but at latest on the last competition day."

Each day, after landing (out) the teams have to find a suitable airfield for the next day and arrange take-off facilities themselves. To a certain extent, it is allowed to travel towards a turnpoint with the glider in the trailer.

Euroglide 1994, personal care on Epernay, France

This kind of competitive gliding is:
At the daily take-off, it is unknown how far you will get and where you will spend the night.
After the take-off on the first day of the competition, making the turnpoints in accordance with the regulations and returning to Venlo at or before the last day of the competition are the only restrictions.
A team can consist of more than one pilot, thereby creating the opportunity to fly and to crew. Furthermore, the team-work is more intense given the fact that strategic decisions are also made outside the cockpit.
Sometimes the fog and rain in the morning forebodes nothing good, while in the evening you have flown hundreds of kilometres. Unexpectedly you will meet other competitors in the air or somewhere in a bar or clubhouse. Party time!

The Euroglide 2002 photo's of M1 give a good impression of what Euroglide is like.

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Euroglide 2024

Euroglide 2024 logo

Mon 24 June until Fri 5 July



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The competition-element has not the highest priority, but you can afford very few mistakes if you want to win Euroglide. The competitive spirit is high, but never becomes annoying or predominant. Max Dolfin, 1998.

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De 35 uur van de afgelopen Euroglide zijn een parel aan de ketting van 3000 uur zweefvliegen. Zeer bijzonder, dat had ik eerder moeten doen. Berry Fennis, 2008.