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Euroglide 2020 postponed

April 6, 2020

Initially we cancelled the Euroglide scheduled for June 2020 due to all the restrictions related to Covid-19.
We had a lot of positive reactions to this decision, but also a lot of suggestions for an Euroglide in 2021.

We have decided not to cancel this year's Euroglide, but to postpone the Euroglide 2020 to June 2021.
Euroglide 2020 will most likely be organised from Monday June 21st until Friday July 2nd, 2021.

All participants have the choice to keep their registered state or to withdraw their registration until the end of this month.
This page shows the registered participants, but will be updated when withdrawals come in.

From May up to and inclusive November the Euroglide committee will not follow up any correspondence concerning participation.

We hope all of you will fly again soon, keep safe, stay healthy and we hope to see you for the Euroglide in 2021.

Euroglide 2020 cancelled!

March 24, 2020

Dear Euroglide participants,

This is the message all of you have expected.
The Corona is taking a big toll already and more is to come.
Yesterday the Dutch governement has put a ban on all events of more than 2 people for the period upto June 1st.
With this outlook the possibility to be back to a normal situation where a Euroglide is possible has diminished to zero. So we have decided to cancel the Euroglide for the year 2020.

In the second half of the year we will think about the future of the Euroglide. Euroglide will be back and we will let you know when that will be by November 1st.

Now our full energy will go to keeping up our personal health and that of our family and friends.

We hope sincerly that all participants, pilots and teams succeed in taking this big hurdle, so we can meet eachother again in good shape in the next Euroglide.

We wish you all the best for the coming months.

The organisation team of the Euroglide.

Update Euroglide vs COVID-19

March 21, 2020

Dear Euroglide participants,

As we are preparing for Euroglide version 2020 we have seen the world turn into distress. With Corona infections and victim numbers increasing, we have to shift priority to our personal health and pay attention to family and friends.
However we keep up a positive mind and hope that we still can run the Euroglide 2020 by the end of June. The organisation team will decide and publish the final decision on the go or nogo ultimately May 1st.

On behalf of the organisation team, keep safe!

Accepted participants

In edition 2020 there are three classes (no sub-classes): Gliders, Turbos and Self-launchers.
Accepted participants are listed on this page.


Euroglide 2020 route
Euroglide 2020 route,
click to enlarge.
The picture shows the intended trajectory of about 2500 kilometers. With the turning points Venlo – Szczecin Dabie (PL) – Fricktal Schupfart (CH) – Strakonice (CZ) – Venlo.
Deviations of this plan will be possible until the briefing day to deal with airspace limitation or other last minute obstacles.
Also the intention is to add one extra turning point per class on the first leg to avoid crowded airfields after the first day of flying.


Daily reports

View the team-positions, shoutbox, notice board and summary reports for each day.

Day 1 - Mon 22 June
Day 2 - Tue 23 June
Day 3 - Wed 24 June
Day 4 - Thu 25 June
Day 5 - Fri 26 June
Day 6 - Sat 27 June
Day 7 - Sun 28 June
Day 8 - Mon 29 June
Day 9 - Tue 30 June
Day 10 - Wed 1 July
Day 11 - Thu 2 July
Day 12 - Fri 3 July

Team login

1unknownMax Mensing, Mark Pennekampunknown GER
2unknownTessa Weigeltunknown GER
3unknownKonstantin Köhlerunknown GER
4unknownRob Imhoff, Gerrit Bronsvoort, Ruben Imhoff, Bram BronsvoortMarianne C201B098 NED
5Dg6Ronald Free, Marcel Hemerik, Guus Oonincx, Seth Brussaard, Xx XxDg500104 NED
6PRPawel BahyryczDG300104 POL
7ZCRSicco Gillebaard, Larry Meenk, Hein Romeijn, Richard LeenheerDG505104 NED
8T11Maurice Peters, Steffen LandmanLS3107 NED
9E11Bas Krebbers, Reitze van der Linden Duo Discus 110 NED
10EHRonald Kaay, Caspar van Bree, Max van Bree, Noud KaayDuo Discus 110 NED
11T-12Hugo Drijver, Luc Van Der Stee, Jasper JolinkDuodiscus110 NED
12XcFrank Schellenberg , David HofsteeAsw20110 NED
1372Stefan Krämer, Jochen König, HaJo WinterDuo Discus X111 GER
146WDirk Florian, Marc Bickenbach, Christian Ludloff, Heinz RöltgenLS8-18114 GER
15INChristian Ludloff, Marc Bickenbach, Gerald Erndt, Heinz Röltgen, Christoph WelterLS6-18117 GER
16U6Vincent de KoningDG800118 NED
178WChristoph Welter, Marc Bickenbach, Richard Breum, Gerald Erndt, Dirk Florian, Christian Ludloff, Heinz RöltgenNimbus 4D123 GER
18H1Rolffs ChristianASH 25123 GER
14DMaurits Van Lelyveld, Tim Hielkema, Stijn Van HofwegenDuo Discus T110 NED
2BBFerdi Koenders, Robert Jungblut, Annemarie SentDuo Discus T110 NED
3DGTSjoerd van den Berg, Gerrit Bouma, Anne Fennema, Wilfred GroeneveldDG1000T110 NED
4FNDPaul Van den BorneDuo Disccus T110 BEL
5GMKlaus Mangels, Gerd SpiegelbergDuos Discus T110 GER
6MCTHan Teunissen, Jan Senft, Michel Van Abel, Gerrit KnoopDuoDiscusT110 NED
7PPCPiet van den Berg, Diederik Timmer, Scheffer SabienDG1000T110 NED
8QVNico Koster, Joost van HoekDuo Discus T110 NED
9WB1xx xx, xx xx, Dries Van HoeckeDuo discus turbo110 NED
102TFrancis van Haaff, Ad Ooyevaar, Tjeerd ReitsmaDuo Discus xT111 NED
11DLPatrick Hoeve, Karel Van der Zande, Rob Wulfers, Jan-Hein BudelDuo Discus XLT111 NED
12E12Mark den Besten, Maurice Peters, Erik HoutmanDuo Discus XLT111 NED
13GO3Stefan Telkamp, Matthijs Beekman, Mattijs Hoogenbosch, William StalenburgDuo Discus XLT111 NED
14LARuud Holswilder, Richard Oud, Harold v/d van der LindenDuoDiscusXT111 NED
15M3Jan Paul Beeke, Herbert van Zomeren, • Jeroen Beeke, • GoofDuo Discus XLT111 NED
16M3Daan van Kol, Lizzy van Zomeren, Sjors van LoonDuo Discus XLT111 NED
17unknownLüthi MatthiasDuo XLT111 SUI
18unknownMiguel SchwanDuo Discus XLT111 GER
19VPFrank Holkamp, Maja Koster, Edwin Van Gompel, Joost VerzuuDuo Discus XLT111 NED
20VPArjan van Dijk, Jan van de VEN, Chrit Cuppen, Raimond DebertrandDuo Discus XLT111 NED
21WOHerwil van Gelder Duodiscus XLT111 NED
22YDJan Pol, Rob van Tulder, Robert van Galen, Johannes HulshofDuo Discus XLT111 NED
23KPFerdi Kuijpers, Frouwke KuijpersASW-20CJ112 NED
24ARCMarc Hardenberg, Henk Koudijs, Aukje Engel, Jan BrouwerArcus T114 NED
25DXRalph Nijhoff, Joost Wolff, Evert Jan Zwolsman, Francis Moginot, Hermann Möller, Erik BorgmannArcus T114 NED
26EXRalph Nijhoff, Erik Borgmann, Hermann Möller, Francis Moginot, Evert Jan Zwolsman, Joost WolffArcus T114 NED
27YAThomas Mohn, Rainer SchmadelArcus T114 GER
28FWHuib Zwart, Harry GroenewegenVentus2cT118 NED
29NUNiels Oerlemans, Dick TeulingVentus2ct118 NED
30SBBaer SelenASG-29119 NED
317LBert Otten, Elbert Westerhout, Kirsten Schugard, Mark de JongeNimbus 3DT120 NED
3299Alrik DargelNimbus 3DT120 GER
33LTMathilde Van LieshoutNimbus 3dt120 NED
34LBLukas BenediktVentus 3 fes121 SVK
35JJurjan Venema, Koen Wouters, Diederick Joosten, Lonneke Smit, Joris GerneayNimbus 4dt123 NED
Self Launchers
1XBArjan MooijJanus CM108 NED
21UManfred SchumacherDG1000M110 GER
3iNOStephan KollaartDG500M 22Mtr.110 NED
4KMarc Theisen, Frank Patt, Martin van der MühlenStemme S10-VT112 GER
5MCDidier Barandiaran, François LamarreDG500M112 FRA
6Q3Thomas Welling, Mario WichmannStemme S10112 GER
7Q4Eckard Seeger, Jörg ZinnertStemme S10V112 GER
8S10Peter SoltauStemme S10-VT112 GER
91HJürgen Cronrath, Christian Meisel, Mario SiebelArcus M114 GER
103Mathijs van Houweninge, Rein GrootArcus M114 NED
1132Johannes Achleitner, Jona KeimerASG 32 MI114 GER
1243Max Dolfin, Vincent DolfinArcus-M114 NED
13DWTim Henzler, xx xx, Katrin Braun, Bernd HenzlerArcus M114 GER
14HAHermann Rosing, Bernd Mensing, Bernd RoosmannArcus M114 GER
15HXHarald Holighaus, Markus HolighausASG 32mi114 GER
16JOYLutz Volker Benner, Michael WentzASG 32 MI114 GER
17KPKarsten Petzold, xx xxArcus M114 GER
18unknownHeinz-Rudi FeckerArcus M114 GER
19VRJeroen Verschuuren , Reinier van RijnberkArcus M114 NED
20ABAxel BeurerASH26E117 GER
21BVVolker PolhausASH26E117 GER
22MUMathias MuenchDG800b/18m118 GER
23UPUeli ErbDG 808 b118 SUI
24C8Jon MeisVentus 2cxM119 GER
25unknownFritz VollmerVentus 2cxM119 GER
26CWSiem Troost, Aart Jan TroostASH31Mi121 NED
27HKThom WarmerdamAntares 20E122 NED
28LBTon Leenders, Frits UrselmannAntares 20E122 NED
294PNils Van der Velden, Henry Heijne , Horst Axel, Batenburg AdrieNimbus 4DM 123 NED
30DXDirk Hamerlynck, Erik Leybaert, Frank Van Eenaeme, Van Erck Thomas, Jan-Bart Van ErckNimbus4DM123 BEL
31GHHeinrich van de Sandt, Heinrich van de Sandt, Ulrich Bülter, Michael GodojASH25 M123 GER
32LLErnst-Jan van de Weijgert, Marc van Breemen, Lodewijk de Beukelaar, Dirk BrokkenNimbus 4DM123 NED
33PLZSijmen de Vries, Breederveld DickASH-25Mi123 NED
34RWEvert Fekkes, Peter BickelASH25M123 NED
35WRMaarten BaltussenNimbus4DLM123 NED
36ADFrits Baltus, Geert Van Duyse, Marco Visser, Brian Van AckerASH30Mi124 NED
37BRien Bastiaanse, Thijs Bastiaanse , Joris Felsbourg, Mischa KoningsASH30MI124 NED
38YAMol LeonNimbus-4M124 NED
39QKai BrüningQuintus M125 GER
40TPDirk Nieuwenhout, Menno Sappé, Bart GroenEB28126 NED