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Mon 20 June until Fri 1 July


This is the 15th Euroglide. Since the first Euroglide in 1993, the Euroglide has been organized every two years from 1994 onwards, by the Eindhoven Aeroclub and its successor, the Venlo-Eindhoven gliding club (VEzc). The 15th Euroglide was planned in 2020. But due to corona, it could not take place. The postponed Euroglide in 2021 was also cancelled, making it 4 years ago since the last Euroglide in 2018. But luckily we have a large number of regular participating teams, who faithfully participate every two years. And with a number of new teams this year, we can register 60 teams at the start on Sunday June 19th. On Sunday evening the traditional BBQ and on Monday morning the traditional Euroglide breakfast. And then this Euroglide can start! Thrilling, promising, adventurous. Everyone is enthousiastic, especially after four years. First start at 12 noon on Monday. The weather looks pretty good to the northeast for the first few days and not so good to the south, so flight direction is not really an issue. Therefore Szczecin will be the first turning point (after extra turningpoints Twente and Borkenberge inserted, to spread the classes a bit this first day). On Monday, things go well for most teams for the first few hours, but east of Hannover, everyone is more or less stuck against the remains of a weak rainfront. The next day, Tuesday, is very good and many teams today can round Szczecin and get on the second leg a bit past Berlin, such as airfields Riesa Canitz, Oschatz, Jena and Zwickau. At Riesa there are 40 pizzas for ten teams this evening. On Wednesday, the meteorological forecast is not good: a broad rain front is coming up from the south, which all teams will encounter today. Nevertheless, the weather turns out to be not too bad and many teams are lucky enough today to even reach the area north of Stuttgart, for example at Rothenburg and Wallduern. But the teams a bit behind did also quite good today. The weather is variable in the following days: good routes alternate with marginal conditions or even shower- or rainfronts. On Thursday, most teams will be able to round Huetten Hotzenwald and get well on the third leg, such as in the Aalen area. The front runners arrive at Regensburg today and get stuck here again, against a rain front. Not much progress is generally made on Friday, with showers and thunderstorms again. On Saturday, after six days, the first finishes take place at Venlo and most teams will be able to get on the last leg to Venlo. Many teams decided to reglementary cut off the turnpoint Klatovy, by spending some credit kilometers. Sunday will be a difficult day for most teams and it will be very important this afternoon or evening, to choose the best tactical starting position for the next day: via the Eiffel, or via north of Dusseldorf TMA, or a move far perpendicular from the route to get into better weather for tomorrow. Today 10 finishers again in Venlo, although not everyone had enough credit to reach Venlo. The race management will look strict but fair at the kilometers left. Many teams were able to finish in the next days. Especially Tuesday was pretty good. The prize giving on Friday evening, July 1 st , was well visited in a good atmosphere. Many happy faces, many nice stories, many thanks to the organisers and a well meant ''see you again in two years!''


Euroglide 2022 route
Euroglide 2022 route,
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Daily reports

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Day 1 - Mon 20 June
Day 2 - Tue 21 June
Day 3 - Wed 22 June
Day 4 - Thu 23 June
Day 5 - Fri 24 June
Day 6 - Sat 25 June
Day 7 - Sun 26 June
Day 8 - Mon 27 June
Day 9 - Tue 28 June
Day 10 - Wed 29 June
Day 11 - Thu 30 June
Day 12 - Fri 1 July


Gliders results
1U6Willem Dortu, Vincent de Koning28-6 12:17FinalDG800S119 NED
2DWChristoph Welter, Gerald Erndt, Christian Ludloff, Marc Bickenbach, Dietrich Hoehn, Dirk Florian, Heinz Röltgen28-6 12:25FinalASH25 WL123 GER
38WChristoph Welter, Dirk Florian, Heinz Röltgen, Gerald Erndt, Marc Bickenbach, Christian Ludloff, Dietrich Hoehn28-6 12:26FinalNimbus 4D123 GER
4M1Daan van Kol, Filip Verver, Lennart van Maarseveen, Hans Makkee28-6 13:17FinalDuo Discus113 NED
52DJanning Quint, Daniel Schadt, Konstantin Köhler, Philipp Schmitz28-6 17:40FinalArcus120 GER
6T-12Jasper Jolink, Hugo Drijver29-6 13:58FinalDuodiscus112 NED
772HaJo Winter, Jochen König, Stefan Krämer1347 kmFinalDuo Discus X113 GER
8N2Ruben Imhoff, Rob Imhoff, Bram Bronsvoort, Gerrit Bronsvoort843 kmFinalMarianne C201B098 NED
Turbos results
1DX1Hermann Möller, Joost Wolff, Ralph Nijhoff, Francis Moginot, Erik Borgmann, Evert Jan Zwolsman26-6 11:57FinalArcus T120 NED
2FNDPaul Van den Borne, Peter Van Gael, Bart Leysen, Dirk Van den Borne26-6 12:23FinalDuo Disccus T112 BEL
3BB1Dieter Loy, Matthias Lüthi, Andreas Lüthi26-6 13:49FinalDuo Discus XLT113 SUI
4E12 Bas Krebbers, Reitze van der Linden , Sabine Scheffer27-6 11:58FinalDuo Discus XLT112 NED
5MCTWim Wilms, Han Teunissen, Michel Van Abel, Marc van den Putte27-6 15:32FinalDuoDiscusT112 NED
6HLBGerd Spiegelberg, Klaus Mangels28-6 12:34FinalARCUS T120 GER
7BB2Ronald Kaay, Max van Bree, Noud Kaay, Caspar van Bree28-6 12:48FinalDuo Discus-T 112 NED
84TJohan Hamelink28-6 12:50FinalNimbus 4T124 NED
9G4Duco Koolstra, David Hofstee, Frank Schellenberg 28-6 13:17FinalDuoDiscus XLT113 NED
107LKirsten Schugard, Mark de Jonge, Bert Otten, Elbert Westerhout28-6 13:30FinalNimbus 3DT120 NED
112TRonald de Ronde, Sicco Gillebaard, Larry Meenk, Hein Romeijn28-6 13:59FinalDuo Discus XT113 NED
12NUDick Teuling, Niels Oerlemans28-6 14:04FinalVentus2ct120 NED
13M3Herbert van Zomeren, Ronald Berg, Jan Paul Beeke, Jeroen Beeke28-6 14:30FinalDuo Discus XLT113 NED
142XJeppe de Boer, Francis van Haaff, Tjeerd Reitsma, Ad Ooijevaar, Rens van Broekhuijsen28-6 14:56FinalArcus T120 NED
15EGuus Oonincx, Marcel Hemerik, Seth Brussaard, Ronald Free, 28-6 15:09Final DG1001E NEO FES111 NED
16WOCarino van Remmen, Vliet van Pieter, Jip van Akker, Weidema Martijn28-6 15:15FinalDuodiscus XLT113 NED
17VPJan van de VEN, Raimond Debertrand, Arjan van Dijk, Chrit Cuppen28-6 16:16FinalDuo Discus XLT113 NED
18E13Erik Houtman, Mark den Besten, Maurice Peters28-6 17:00FinalArcus T120 NED
19FWHuib Zwart28-6 20:51FinalVentus2cT120 NED
20LTRobert Werts, Robin Geraedts, Mathilde Van Lieshout, Frank Evers2423 kmFinalNimbus 3dt120 NED
21LB1Lukas Benedikt2380 kmFinalVentus 3 fes122 SVK
22DLKarl Napp, Patrick Hoeve, Karel Van der Zande, Rob Wulfers2370 kmFinalDuo Discus XLT113 NED
23YDHans van Zandvoort, Rob van Tulder, Robert van Galen, Jan Pol1793 kmFinalDuo Discus XLT113 NED
24KPFrouwke Kuijpers, Ferdi Kuijpers1562 kmFinalASW-20CJ112 NED
25DGTWilfred Groeneveld, Anne Fennema, Gerrit Bouma, Jesse Peek, Sjoerd van den Berg1187 kmFinalDG1000T110 NED
26QVJoost van Hoek, Nico Koster990 kmFinalDuo Discus T112 NED
Self Launchers results
1CATJeroen Verschuuren, Reinier van Rijnberk, Jimmy Hage25-6 17:53FinalNimbus 4DM123 NED
24PBatenburg Adrie, Henry Heijne , Horst Axel, Nils Van der Velden25-6 18:58FinalNimbus 4DM 123 NED
3TPBart Groen, Dirk Nieuwenhout, Menno Sappé, Frank Hiemstra25-6 18:58FinalEB28126 NED
4LLDirk Brokken, Lodewijk de Beukelaar, Marc van Breemen, Ernst-Jan van de Weijgert25-6 19:18FinalNimbus 4DM123 NED
5LB2Frits Urselmann, Ton Leenders26-6 10:25FinalAntares 20E123 NED
6BVVolker Polhaus26-6 12:59FinalASH26E119 GER
7HKThom Warmerdam26-6 13:18FinalAntares 20E123 NED
8MUMathias Muench26-6 15:12FinalDG800b/18m118 GER
9QKai Brüning28-6 11:43FinalQuintus M126 GER
10S10Peter Soltau, Ingo Welle28-6 13:53FinalStemme S10-VT110 GER
11Q3Thomas Welling, Mario Wichmann28-6 14:05FinalStemme S10110 GER
12iNOStephan Kollaart, Harm Willemse28-6 14:06FinalDG500M 22Mtr.110 NED
13ADMarco Visser, Frits Baltus, Peter Bickel, Goos Bram28-6 14:24FinalASH30Mi124 NED
14BThijs Bastiaanse , Rien Bastiaanse, Mischa Konings, Joris Felsbourg28-6 14:35FinalASH30MI124 NED
15PLZSijmen de Vries, Breederveld Dick, Richard Brockhus28-6 14:42FinalASH-25Mi123 NED
16NNHeinz-Rudi Fecker, Christoph Schwartz28-6 14:55FinalArcus M120 GER
173TRalf Hellebrand, Manfred Rothhardt, Eckard Seeger28-6 16:55FinalNimbus 3DM121 GER
18YYHermann Rosing28-6 18:57FinalVentus 2 CM120 GER
19ABAxel Beurer2392 kmFinalASH26E119 GER
20DX2Jan-Bart Van Erck, Frank Van Eenaeme, Dirk Hamerlynck, Van Erck Thomas, Erik Leybaert2120 kmFinalNimbus4DM123 BEL
21GHHeinrich van de Sandt, Heinrich van de Sandt, Michael Godoj1806 kmFinalASH25 M122 GER
22ZVCHenk Koudijs, Marc Hardenberg, Aukje Engel, Jan Brouwer1385 kmFinalArcus M120 NED
23JOYMichael Wentz, Lutz Volker Benner0 kmNo LogsASG 32 MI120 GER
24KMarc Theisen, Frank Patt, Martin van der Mühlen0 kmNo LogsStemme S10-VT110 GER
25UPUeli Erb0 kmNo LogsDG 808 b118 SUI
JOYNo show
KDid not fly due to medical reasons
UPDid not start