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Team S10, 23:11
Hey, just received a rumour of some accident yesterday and a cancellation of todays ? Can someone confirm that, noone told me, no shout here about that and nothing on the website. Oh yes, and as i told during briefing - i dont use whatsapp ...

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Day 3, Wednesday 26 June

Day report

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PositionSelf launchers TurbosGliders
Kassel Calden (EDVK)S10
Gorlitz (EDBX)UP
Grossruckerswalde (EDAG)VP 2T
Klix (EDCI)7W
Luneburg (EDHG)37 GH AAA
Reinsdorf (EDOD)AD
Finsterwalde Schacksdorf (EDUS)DGT 2M
Stendal-borstel (EDOV)ME LT DX
Zwickau (EDBI)XB