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Euroglide 2024

Shouts today

Team YAB, 19:03
YAB, WG and AD are in L√ľneburg

Team S10, 07:53
Good Morning, just learned about Johan Hamelink ... Terrible news, so sorry to hear that. S10 wants to give our condolences to his friends and family ...

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Day 4, Thursday 27 June

Day report

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PositionSelf launchers TurbosGliders
Celle Arloh (EDVC)MU
Berliner HeideM1
Borken-hoxfeld (EDLY)YY
Braunschweig (EDVE)LD
Dessau (EDAD)WX
Gelnhausen (EDFG)BF
Bad Neustadt/ Saale Grasberg (EDFD)LL
Grosse HoeheE12
Grosse WieseME
Grossruckerswalde (EDAG)KR
Hildesheim (EDVM)B 2X DX
Hoxter-holzminden (EDVI)BV GH
Gera Leumnitz (EDAJ)MCT
Luenen LippeweidWG
Magdeburg (EDBM)DL
Mainbullau (EDFU)43
Oehna (EDBO)2T FW XB
Oschatz (EDOQ)ZVC
Luchow Rehbeck (EDHC)G4 M3 WO DGT T12
Reinsdorf (EDOD)PJ
Rotenburg/ Wumme (EDXQ)LA
Salzwedel Kgart7L
Finsterwalde Schacksdorf (EDUS)BD
Stade (EDHS)CN
Stendal-borstel (EDOV)E13 FND H9 VP U6
Uelzen (EDVU)WL S10 FM S12 4P 2M 7W QV
Venlo (EHVE)Q
Stadtlohn Vreden (EDLS)HA
Wasserkuppe (EDER)TP